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Through my website I would like to express what wildlife photography means to me.

My name is Paul Raps and I was born in Amsterdam in 1960.
I now live in Wilnis, a town situated within an area known as the ‘Green Heart’ of the Netherlands.
My hobbies are wildlife photography and diving. I managed to combine these hobbies into my passion: underwater photography.
Ever since we were 13 years of age, my best friend and I would spend hours scouring the woods for roe deer and birds of prey.
Not much later, we started to photograph the animals we saw. When I was 16 my brother equipped a darkroom.
To save money, we used to wind Ilford FP4 film, bought in cans, onto film cartridges.
We developed, enlarged and printed our photos in the bathroom.
I started diving in 1985 and I am still a member of Duikteam Amphora, my diving club.